Journalist (reporter, video editor, translator, etc.)

Born in Moscow, USSR, 03/04/1991 (24 years ago)

Currently residing and open to job offers in New York City

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Phone: 347-277-47-33

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Twitter: @Dm_melamed

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Russian State University for the Humanities, specialist degree (5 years) 2008-2013

New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science,

Studio 20, Master of Arts (in progress, graduating in December 2015)


"Russian gazette": cultural column author, 2009

"Echo of Moscow" radio station: intern, reporter, sound editor, 2010,2011

"": editor at the News section, reporter, 2014

Freelance jobs for various Russian media and organizations


News reporting, analytic writing, editorial work, radio production,

video production, editing (both sound and video),

translation from English to Russian and vice versa, small team management,

photo, coding in html and javascript, data journalism, literary criticism,

Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut, etc.


I used to get involved mostly with political and social issues & sports in my career

Covered parliament elections and subsequent street protests in Russia in 2010-2011

Covered the Crimean crisis and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine (2014)


So stress-resistant I can run for president tomorrow.

No objections to doing simple, mundane stuff.

I have never let anyone down.

Open to new ideas. Actually, probably thinking about them right at this moment.

I am very smart. Seriously.

I like to work.

I LOVE working in teams.


I just recently finished this story about a disabled woman who is fighting against her landlord, the infamous Steve Croman:

I can also do less serious videos, like this piece we did for Bedford + Bowery in October 2014:

One of the things I am really proud of is the "New York Tenants Project".

Check it out here. It's an interactive documentary we've worked on in a small group of people.

I was the man behind the camera as well as one of the editors on the part that is called

"the Bronx, Chinatown & Bushwick".

I also used to write a blog about cinematography several years ago which I was really proud of.

If you can understand some Russian, go here and check it out.

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